Enterprise Development

Support the growth of Cape Gourmet Platters by granting assistance, such as funding for essential kitchen equipment.

Preferential Procurement

Engage our catering services for your corporate events or meetings.

Graduation Bonus Point
For graduating Cape Gourmet Platters from an ED beneficiary into a supplier
Supplier Development
Support the growth of Cape Gourmet Platters by covering operational costs or providing essential stock, including packaging and ingredients.
Employment Bonus Point
For any positions created through ESD initiatives. We are seeking individuals for roles including Manager, Driver, and Kitchen Staff to support our expansion.
Ongoing Preferential Procurement

Contribute to your overall expenditure through continued purchases of our products or services.

Skills Development
Accrue points through accredited learnerships with training at NOAH NPO or Cape Gourmet Platters (culinary, medical, etc.), or through informal training options.
Learnership Absorption Bonus Points

If the Learner is employed within the industry or by us afterwards – they could fulfil one of the positions required for GOURMET PLATTERS PTY LTD or NOAH NPO.

Socio-Economic Development
Support NOAH NPO by providing grants to help us sustain the provision of housing, medical care, and all other services to our social pensioner beneficiaries.