Our platters are more than just exquisite food; they’re a testament to innovation and sophistication, designed to elevate every occasion, from corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations. But there’s a deeper story to be told…

A Legacy of Hope Since 1981
For over four decades, Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH), a registered NPO, has been a beacon of hope for the elderly. The NOAH journey began with a profound sense of compassion, and the mission has always been clear: ensuring that elderly social pensioners have their essential needs met. This empowers them to continue making meaningful contributions to their families, their communities, and society as a whole.
The Exciting Chapter Begins
Welcome Cape Gourmet Platters, a for-profit venture proudly owned by NOAH. However, we're more than just exceptional catering. Cape Gourmet Platters embodies positive change and extends its services to both businesses and individuals. The best part? All profit earned directly fuels NOAH's impactful community initiatives.
Join the Journey
Step into the world of NOAH and Cape Gourmet Platters, where delectable cuisine meets transformative impact. Explore our special platters, inspired by our heritage, including the beloved amagwinya (vetkoek). Every bite is a taste of tradition and a step toward a brighter future for our elderly.